Therapy Services

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Speech-Language Therapy with Proven Results

We prioritize choosing the most appropriate, evidenced-based techniques for your child as well as constantly thinking outside the box. Think “Proloquo2go social group,” “co-treat with music therapy,” or even “PROMPT obstacle course.” Therapy done in this way is unique and effective, because children learn best through play and through experiences that are meaningful to them. As clinicians, we strive to deliver the highest quality speech-language therapy and to follow ethical guidelines. 

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Customized Therapy Services are at the Heart of Speech-N-Motion


Our Services

Free 30 Minute Screenings

We believe screenings should be free!! So, at Speech-N-Motion, they are! A screening is designed to determine whether or not your child needs a full speech-language evaluation. Sometimes we use the 30 minutes to meet your family and make a recommendation on evaluation. Sometimes we use the "screening" to see if we are a good fit to provide therapy for your child. Sometimes we use the time to answer your questions. Screenings can be conducted in-person, via Zoom, or over the phone. 


Comprehensive Evaluations

Speech-Language, Fluency, Voice, Feeding and Social Skills Evaluations are our opportunity to get to know your child and assess his or her strengths and difficulties. We use this information to make recommendations for therapy and to formulate goals if therapy is warranted. It is an opportunity for you as a parent to understand more about the challenges your child is facing and to ask questions! 


Therapy Sessions

According to the American Speech And Hearing Association (ASHA), evidence-based practice is composed of 3 elements: Research, Clinical Judgement, Family Values. These 3 elements come together to give us an idea of the strength of a therapy technique and whether or not it is a good fit for your child. The old adage is true “what works for one, does not work for another.” In therapy, this is particularly applicable!! It is our job to combine what we know from research with what we have learned from our clinical experience and what is important to your family. This is how appropriate, effective, personalized therapy is accomplished.


IEP Consultations

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by your child's IEP, or the idea of their IEP meeting, we understand and can help! IEP consultations are included for all current clients one time per year. Additional consultations or outside consultations are available for a fee. Contact us for more information.


Parent training has the best outcomes in current research. And, believe it or not, it is FUN!! We work with families in a variety of creative ways to learn about you and to help you incorporate speech and language strategies into your routines without giving you extra "homework." When parents become actively engaged in the therapeutic process, results come faster and easier!

Parent Training/Coaching

Therapy Groups

We currently offer a stuttering support group and are always forming and reforming feeding and social skills groups based on need. Please contact us for more information!