COVID-19 Information

We are currently offering the following speech therapy options to ensure the safety of our clients, their families, and our staff.


Teletherapy is a permanent, ongoing option at Speech-N-Motion and one that we will continue to recommend for clients who are able to do so. Until all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we will ask that families opt for teletherapy whenever possible.

Limited In-Person Sessions

For those clients who are unable to participate in therapy via Zoom sessions, we have implemented new safety and scheduling protocols. We appreciate that Zoom is not everyone's first choice and we will keep in mind the preferences of our clients as we expand our in-person schedule. 

During a free 30 minute screening, we will determine which option is best and develop a customized therapy plan for your child.

About Speech Teletherapy


Teletherapy is simply delivering Speech-Language Pathology services through telecommunication technology. We use Zoom to make it easy! Most clients are able to benefit as much, or more, than in-person therapy and there is excellent research on the techniques that work best. We have had success with articulation (speech), voice, fluency, language, feeding, parent coaching and multi-modal communication sessions and are able to help decide if it is a good fit for your child and family.

Through teletherapy we are able to maintain the skills your child has learned during in-person sessions and continue working on goals. We are also able to do evaluations for new clients using a variety of virtual tools- just ask!

Technology Requirements:

  • Computer, tablet, or phone with camera and microphone

  • Reliable internet connection

  • Internet browser and Zoom application

We understand teletherapy may be new to you and your family. We are here to help with any difficulties!

In-Person COVID-19 Safety Protocols


1. Staggered Scheduling

Sessions will be staggered so that we will only have one therapist and one family in-clinic at any given time. Additionally, sessions will be scheduled with time for thorough sanitization in between clients.

2. Waiting Room Closed

The waiting room will be temporarily closed. Drop off for therapy will be at the door to our office (Suite 209) and families are asked to wait in their cars or to come back at the end of session.

3. Cleanliness Protocols

Cleanliness protocols will include the following:

Graphic of cleaning bottle
All Toys and Materials Will Be Thoroughly Sanitized In Between Clients
Graphic of mask with see-through opening
Masks With See-Through Mouth Coverings Will Be Worn By The Therapists
Graphic of hand sanitizer
Gloves, Hand Sanitizer and Wipes Will Be Available On The Front Desk
Graphic of open door
Front Door Will Be Left Open for Increased Ventilation
Graphic of two people social distancing
As Much As Possible, Physical Distancing Will Be Practiced

4. Stay Home if You or Your Child are Feeling Sick

We are asking our families to please be extremely conscientious about canceling therapy for the following reasons: when your child is not feeling well, if you feel you have come in contact with a Covid positive person, international travel (2 weeks cancellation), or if you feel you have engaged in any activities that put you at particularly high risk of contracting coronavirus.


Zoom sessions can always be a last minute option if you are unsure about your child's wellness/exposure but still want to engage with your therapist. We ask that you let us know immediately if your child or any member of your family is showing any signs of illness, particularly fever, nausea, cough or shortness of breath.

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or just need to talk. Thank you for sticking with us and looking forward to seeing you soon.